Welcome. This Blog is dedicated to Dr. Dustin W. Carr, PhD

This is the post excerpt.

Ever know someone who was so dissatisfied with is or her life-to-date accomplishments that he/she abandoned that life — family, business — and walked away?DWCarr - latest from FB  If one is smart and devious enough, that departure can be accomplished with maximum damage to the family and business partners abandoned.  Why accept defeat, apologize for the desire to change one’s life, and constructively move on when one can leverage the trust of others to move into a new life while blaming those who were trusting you for your failures? Why help maximize the value of intellectual properties (IP) of the company that investors, business partners and customers funded at your request when you can leverage that IP to begin a new career?

This blog will examine an awesome (just ask the new wife) new life and the deceits that made it possible by comparing claims versus documented realities.

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